• Online Home Insurance: Fast and convenient service

    Now, internet users are able to take out online home insurance. This method provides many benefits to customers. They have the leisure to, in the comfort of their own homes, compare all offers from different companies. With the online application, you will not have to make the tedious journeys to... [more]

  • Requesting a debt consolidation loan: what to do in case of rejection?

    Debt consolidation loan: solutions in the case of refusal When an individual makes a debt consolidation loan request, he must submit a complete application so that the financial institution can assess his debt capacity, financial position and the risks incurred. You should know that it is... [more]

  • Some tips to help you choose mutual health insurance

    Mutual health plan: Advice for choosing Mutual health is a contract that allows for a reimbursement of medical expenses not covered by Social Security. It is important to take into account certain information when choosing a contract. Criteria to consider when choosing the right mutual health... [more]

  • The risks of invalidating a life insurance policy

    An insurance contract can be considered as never having existed. If this be the case, the insured cannot then make a claim to compensation, due to the lack of adherence to a condition of substantive or procedural requirements necessary to maintain its validity. The risks of nullifying a life... [more]

  • Value of dog and cat life insurance

    Dog and cat life insurance: is this contract really indispensable? Dogs and cats remain the most popular animals despite the emergence of other pets on the market. Man’s best friend accompanies him for the duration of 15-18 years in the family home, becoming a full-fledged member of the... [more]

  • What you should know about the limitations of home insurance

    Policyholders should be aware that home insurance has limitations. Even if one subscribes to a comprehensive insurance policy, this coverage does not cover all risks. The capital paid as reimbursement in the case of a disaster is limited. In the case of a burglary, valuables such as works of art,... [more]