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How can I reduce the cost of my life assurance ?

Discover all our local life assurance offers. Our partners offer rates that have been negotiated and fit your profile. The main insurers for life and disability assurance are: AXA, Groupama, Swiss Life, MMA.

How can I purchase a life assurance ?

A life and disability assurance protects you and your family after a serious accident or a death. It allows the insured to keep his property after a significant drop in salary due to an accident or permanent disability. The life and disability assurance also pays out for the costs related to partial or total loss of independence. The cost of life assurance is variable and takes into account the extent of the cover chosen (accident, illness, funeral costs), the amount covered, the beneficiary or beneficiaries, the assured person’s profile, etc.

The advantages of life assurance

Life assurance offers a number of advantages: in the case of death, the insured will know that his loved ones won’t suffer financial problems, thanks to the lump sum which will be paid to them by the insurance company. They will be free to use this money, and able to organise a suitable funeral to honour the memory of the deceased and to mourn him or her properly. The lump sum could also be used to pay off a loan or to complete an important transaction such as the purchase of a property.
The children might be enabled to finish their studies, and won’t inherit the deceased debts. In fact, the life assurance will help to mop up all those debts. So a life assurance contract helps to face up to a particularly difficult situation both on the emotional front and on the financial front.

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