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How can I reduce the cost of my home loan insurance ?

Get the best rates for your mortgage insurance with the Le Comparateur. Compare our partners’ equivalent offers in a few clicks. The leading home insurance companies are: April, Cardiff, Alico, Generali, etc.

Why insure your home loan ?

Taking out mortgage insurance is required for any real estate purchase. It guarantees the monthly instalments should the borrower default on payments. Home loan insurance protects you and your family in the event of insolvency with the banks and other financial bodies. The price of home loan insurance takes into account the type of accommodation insured (house, apartment etc), fittings, surface area, geographical area of the property, value of the property, number of occupants etc.

Can I apply for independent insurance ?

Obtaining a home loan is conditional upon the borrower taking out an insurance policy. Whatever one’s age, negotiating credit is always a delicate task during which the borrower often feels at a disadvantage when faced with a banker imposing their conditions. Even if borrower’s insurance is unavoidable for the loan to be granted, since January 2010 you have had a choice of insurance. The bank can no longer impose its own contract on you and you can also apply for independent insurance and research the competition in order to pay less. This is even more the case if you are a senior. Unfortunately, age does not act in one’s favour for benefitting from competitive rates. Independent insurance can enable you to obtain a better rate.

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