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  • Planning for the future also means planning not to be dependent on your loved ones, either financially or materially.
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Dependence Insurance: accommodation adapted to elderly people

Nearly 80% of French people believe that old people should be able to remain in their homes despite being dependent. In fact, a study shows that such elderly people flourish better, are more independent and live longer when they remain in their own homes.

The elderly and Dependence Insurance: a suitable housing stock

However, the expenses arising from this coverage are very high. Bearing in mind that the retirement homes, the care homes and the medical residences are not enough to house all the elderly people who are dependent or need strict medical care, and that the phenomenon of an aging population will continue in the decades to come, the state authorities are looking for efficient solutions to help old people and to meet their needs.

A housing stock adapted to the dependent elderly

Adapted housing is not only aimed at old people who are already dependent: adapting the housing also serves to protect the elderly from a fall or an accident which may lead to them becoming dependent. At the moment there are around 2 million old people in need of suitable lodging which meets the latest standards. The government’s centre of strategic analysis has studied the question and wants to bring back a balance between the building of new housing and the existing stock, but also to improve the management of the help offered.

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