On the protection of privacy and personal data

The Comparator collects personal data on the internet users connecting to the-comparator.com as well as those wishing to subscribe to its services:

  • To compile comprehensive statistics on attendance at various sections of its website by internet users.

  • By means of “forms” to better become acquainted with the users, to respond to their questions, and to direct to their electronic mailbox certain information or announcements from the-comparator.com or its partners designated by its care.

  • By means of “forms” to forward requests to third-party partners designated by The Comparator.

  • Recognizing that the collection and processing of personal data over the internet, must respect the fundamental rights of persons, TheComparator S.A.S., is committed to ensuring all treatment of personal data on the site the-comparator.com complies with the Data Protection Act of 1998, a United Kingdom Act of Parliament aimed to implement the European Data Protection Directive as issued in section 1.1-3.26 of the legal code.

    The Comparator is committed to informing all users as to which data is collected in concordance with their rights and to ensure the users right to access and rectify any personal changes according to the following:

    1 - Existence and terms to the rights of access and rectification

    Right to access, rectification and deletion of data concerning the internet user: Pursuant to article 34 of the Data Protection Act of 1998, and the decrees of its application, the internet user has a right of access to modification, rectification and deletion of the concerned data. The user may exercise this right by writing to: The Comparator- 105 rue de l’Abbé Groult, 75015 Paris or by email at legalinfo@thecomparator.com

    2 - Recipients of the Collected Information

    Any internet user can ask at the time of the collection, or at a later period, that the said personal information not be communicated to third parties.

    3 - Security measures of personal data processing

    The Comparator agrees to make every effort to protect personal data, most notably to prevent any data from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties in accordance with section 1.1-3.26 of the aforementioned law of 1998.

    4 - Cookies

    One or more cookies will be placed on the hard drive of the computers accessing the site www.the-comparator.com. A cookie is a piece of data stored by a website within a browser, and then subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser.
    Cookies sent from the site www.the-comparator.com record information relating to site navigation on www.the-comparator.com done from the computer that stores the cookie (pages visited, date and time of visit etc.) and identifies successive visits by the visitor. With this in mind, The Comparator is committed to ensuring the right of internet users to oppose the use of cookies. Users connected to the site www.the-comparator.com can, indeed, prevent the recording of cookies by changing the options on the browsers on the computer (refer to the help section of the internet browser used). However, The Comparator, draws the attention of these users to the fact that, in these cases, access to certain services on The Comparator site may appear in an altered form or may even be indistinguishable.

    5 - On the protection of minors and the monitoring of content

    The Comparator recognizes the need to counteract illegal content (of a harmful, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or pedophilic nature etc.) and to ensure the protection of minors and to accordingly commit to: -assisting the relevant authorities in the combat against illegal content, -allow restricted access to certain services.

    6 - On the compliance with intellectual property rights

    The opportunities offered by the internet to exchange data need not occur in violation with intellectual property rights. The Comparator implements technical and legal measures to protect these rights. The Comparator is committed:

    - To informing internet users of their obligations concerning the use and distribution of legally protected information;
    - To foster the development of techniques for protecting works and to fight against piracy;
    - To assist the appropriate authorities in the fight against counterfeiting.

    7 - On trade security

    Users should be able to benefit from the secure exchange of information. The Comparator agrees to take all legal and technical measures to ensure the security of exchanged information, including the misuse of data and the compliance with applicable regulations.