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  • Save your family the worries associated with the organisation and financing of your funeral.
  • Choose the amount of capital that will fund your funeral arrangements. It will be paid either to your next of kin or to a funeral director.
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How can I reduce the cost of my funeral insurance ?

All funeral insurance rates compared in a few clicks. Choose a customised solution from amongst our funeral insurance offers so that you can best prepare for the future. The main funeral insurance companies are: Alico, Swiss, MAAF, Life, MMA, Aviva, MAIF etc.

Why take out funeral insurance ?

Funeral insurance takes care of the costs relating to your death. These costs, which are often underestimated, are an additional worry for your next of kin. Funeral insurance also takes your family through the necessary procedures: declaration of the death (Register Office, bank, landlord, state pension and private pension providers etc), funeral preparations (contacting the cemetery, monumental mason, etc) assisting the family, organising the cortège, arranging the ceremony and specific requests.

How do you choose your funeral insurance ?

The funeral director prepares a detailed quotation of the desired services and provision with the client. The resulting information enables the contract to be drawn up with the insurers. As with the capital contract, you make either a one-off payment or scaled instalments. Since a statute of 2004, the policyholder may, at any time, alter the provisions of service and even change the funeral director.

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