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How can I reduce the price of my motorcycle insurance ?

The Comparator lets you compare our partners for free and find attractive and personalized insurance terms. We put you in contact with our local partners. Major motorcycle insurers include: Mutuelle des Motards, AMV, MAAF, Euro Assurance, AssurBike, FMA, etc.

Why insure your motorcycle ?

The law requires you to insure your vehicle. This is called civil responsibility. This is the obligation to accept and repair any damages that you may cause to others by accident. Motorcycle insurance covers compensation for personal injuries and material damage caused by the driver or passengers. In any case, check the limits and nature of the cover of your motorcycle insurance (maximum claim, excess, etc.) The price of motorcycle insurance generally varies depending on the driver’s profile, area of driving area, your type of vehicle but also your claims history (no-claims bonus).

What type of motorcycle insurance should I choose ?

This all depends on your profile but a third party, fire and theft insurance policy seems essential given the amount of damage and theft of a motorcycle. Are you a regular or occasional motorcyclist?

Be careful not to pay for options that do not match your driver profile.

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