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Who is life insurance for ?

Consult all the offers from our local partners in life assurance with AssurProx. The main companies dealing with life assurance are/ Generali, MAAF, MACIF, Boursorama, Direct assurance, etc
Who can apply for a life insurance loan ?

Who can apply for a life insurance loan ?

Any individual, whether they are employed, a civil servant, self-employed or even retired, regardless of their social and professional affiliation. You must be aware that refusal does not arise from these criteria but from a bank ban. If the borrower has no property or has an entry in the FICP (National Database on Household Credit Repayment Incidents) this also constitute grounds for refusal of an application for a debt consolidation loan.

What conditions are required to suscribe a life insurance ?

A life assurance plan allows you to build up a capital sum as you go along with the payments you make. These payments may be regular or occasional, and allow you to increase your estate for future use. The life assurance contract ensures the payment of a fixed lump sum to your near and dear during the life of the insured or upon his death. On top of this, life assurance allows you to benefit from a number of significant tax breaks. There are two main types of life assurance: the euro contract, and the multiplan contract, which can be distinguished by the level of return, the minimum rate, and the envisaged profits.

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