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  • The most efficient way to find the best deal for your building works loan is to make the credit organizations.
  • The specialist building works loan brokers compete against each other for your business.
  • Choose the monthly repayments which best suit your needs and rely on our best-in-the-market selection of works loan organizations.
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You can compare immediately, for free and without commitment, the main players in the field of building works loans. Our experts can advise you.

How to reduce the cost of my Works loan?

Compare the terms of the main brokers and credit organizations for your works with The Comparer, the leading comparison tool for local renovation loans, and negotiate the terms to obtain the best works loan on the market. We will arrange to put you in touch with our local partners, the leading brokers and building works credit organizations.

Why choose to take a loan for your building works ?

A loan ensures that you don’t reduce your purchasing power too drastically, and gives you security at the same time as allowing you to enjoy the new look of your home. Be careful, however, to make sure that the repayments are manageable within your budget as, after all, a loan is a commitment and comes at a price.

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The comparator offers you to compare quotes for free. You will then receive personalized quotes from the leading insurers and you can choose the rate of insurance or mutual suits you best.

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