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How can I reduce the price of my car insurance ?

Compare the major car insurance rates with the Comparator and get your insurance on the best terms the market can offer. We put you in contact with our local partners. The major car insurers are: AXA, MAIF, Direct Assurance, MAAF, MMA, MACIF, MATMUT.

Why insure your car ?

The law requires all motorists to be insured under what is called “civil responsibility”. This car insurance guaranties compensation for personal or material injury that could be caused to third parties by the driver or the passengers of the car in an accident. A car insurance policy may cover this scenario only or it may cover more. Car insurance can cover damages found after the theft of the car. For car insurance quotes, several factors are considered: Driver’s profile, area to cover, vehicle type, driver’s history.

How much does car insurance cost ?

Many people who want to take out car insurance wonder how insurance companies calculate premiums for car insurance. Indeed, there are many who would like to know the criteria that are taken into consideration when calculating the insurance premium for any given car. Below are some answers that may answer any questions you may have and that we hope will help you to better understand the mechanism behind the world of insurance. In order to estimate the likely insurance premium for your car, you must know the key factors that insurers consider when calculating it.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

At what point should one opt for a home loan?

Owning your own home or undertaking any major expansion of a building are large projects. It is necessary to have the available funds in order to achieve this goal. Home loans are ideal if you plan to buy or renovate a property or any building. This type of credit allows you to avoid waiting years to build up the funds on your own. Of course, for a long-term debt, such as a home loan, it is necessary to have personal capital, but it is always possible to obtain financing for the full costs associated with the acquisition. What are the particularities of a home loan? This is a form of loan granted by a specialized financial institution or a bank. A specific and often substantial amount is spread out over a long period to be repaid in monthly installments. If you wish to purchase one property and sell another property, you can opt for what is called a bridge loan. Th... Lire la suite

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Car Loans: Useful information for a satisfying contract

If you want a new car, consider the car loan, but above all else, know that there are several steps in order to find exceptional offers with the most advantages. How to find the best car loan? First, it is essential that you define, in advance, the type of vehicle, the make and the model that you wish to buy. Then, study your budget to see if you can afford a new car or a used car. Start by evaluating the budget you want to devote to your project. It is sufficient to know the maximum monthly payment that you can pay throughout the duration of the reimbursement period. Once you have verified that your borrowing capacity does not exceed 33% of your debt level, you can move onto the next step: performing an online auto loan simulation. The online simulation is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to discover the car loan offer the most adapted to your profile. ... Lire la suite

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