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How can I reduce the cost of my health insurance ?

Compare health insurance prices and obtain advantageous rates. Benefit from a personalised offer suited to your needs in just a few clicks with the comparison tool The Comparer. The health insurance companies are: Swiss Life, MMA, Alptis, April, Direct Assurance, etc.

Why should I take out health insurance coverage ?

Health insurance helps you to cope with the financial risks linked to your state of health. In case of illness, the social security pays out for part of your health costs (a variable amount depending on the accident, the illness, the cost of care etc.). For the remaining cost, it’s your health insurance that takes over. This insurance allows you to face up to the unexpected for you and your loved ones. The prices for health coverage will differ according to the age of the insured, his social security status (employed, independent worker, etc), and the level of cover chosen for general care, hospitalization, dental care, optical charges and care.

Which health insurance should I choose to get the best coverage ?

Find out about the waiting period of your insurance. This refers to the period in which no payout will be made (some costs aren’t covered). Make sure that the supplementary insurance will pay up front (automatic payment meaning that you don’t have to pay the cash out first for medicines).

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