• Life Insurance

    Life insurance and funeral insurance are two completely different insurances. Everything depends on the commitment of the insured. In the first case, the insurer agrees to pay the subscribed capital to a beneficiary designated in the contract, which can be a family member of the insured. In... [more]

  • Life insurance: All you need to know about beneficiaries

    Life insurance provides payment of a capital to the beneficiaries designated by the policyholder. There exist two types of beneficiaries in the life insurance: the primary beneficiary and the secondary beneficiary (contingent beneficiary). The primary beneficiaries of a life insurance policy... [more]

  • Life insurance: knowing the essentials before committing

    Life insurance is designed to cover the passing or the survival of the insured. This is to say that, in case of death, the beneficiary will receive a capital as in the case of accidental death insurance and in the case of survival, the insured will receive a pension with which he may retire. Our... [more]

  • Loan insurance for young workers

    Loan insurance: affordable offers for young professionals Young workers, also called young borrowers, are often considered as high-risk ventures because they are not yet financially stable. As they are just beginning their professional career, they have not yet had time to accumulate... [more]

  • Loan insurance: why compare?

    Loan insurance: compare before purchasing The purchase of loan insurance is required to obtain a home loan. As the conditions, terms and benefits offered vary from one insurer to another, it is possible to find an insurance policy suited to your profile and needs. To do this, simply compare... [more]

  • Mutual Health: taking out a contract for the family

    Mutual health: learn about family health plans Mutual health policyholders with families may choose a family contract to offer adequate protection to the spouse and children. A mutual health plan for the whole family Since children are the responsibility of their parents, taking out a... [more]

  • Online Auto Insurance provides many benefits

    With the evolution of technology, it is now possible to insure a car online. This new formula of online car insurance interests more and more people because it presents several advantages. All formalities are handled online and you will not need to move from the comfort of your home to take out... [more]