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  • Employee Saving: Collective Retirement Plans (PERCO in French), Complementary Business Retirements Savings Plan (PEE) , the right options : Retirement by capitalization
  • Complementary End-of-Career Retirement Company Compensation (IFC) : What are the good packages?
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Who is business retirement planning for ?

Complementary company retirement is an agreement that strengthens the financial security of employees from now until retirement. Some plans exist that are encouraging and facilitate the subscription of a complementary retirement: PERCO, PEE, retirement by capitalization, IFC…Discover how to choose the right plan that takes advantage of the best conditions and offers a complementary company retirement plan suited to the needs of your employees.

Who can apply for a business retirement planning loan ?

Thanks to the online comparison gauge, you can actually find the complementary company retirement plans that offer secure conditions at the most affordable rates. All you have to do is just fill out a registration form online. The provided information will help our professionals to study your employees’ needs thoroughly and come up with personalized complementary company retirement offers. Users will then receive quotes indicating the conditions and the various figures that will allow them to compare the proposed offers favorably.

What conditions are required to suscribe a business retirement planning ?

Complementary company retirement is one of the products that will allow the financial situation of employees to improve from now until retirement. By offering long-term, concrete advantages to employees, the company will increase loyalty and drive up productivity. The Collective Retirement Plan is one of the formulas that will allow companies to help their employees round out their retirements.

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