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Supplementary Healthcare for the Workplace: what are the advantages for the employer?

Signing up for a workplace healthcare top-up scheme has several advantages for the employer and the company itself. In fact, by giving supplementary health insurance to its employees the company retains an edge in relation to its competitors and enjoys a reduction in taxes and exoneration from the social charges part of its national insurance contributions.

Workplace Supplementary Health Insurance: obligatory or optional?

Usually, in small-scale businesses, it is at the initiative of the employer that a supplementary health insurance is set up. He therefore needs to decide whether signing up for the contract is obligatory or optional for his employees. The employer is obliged to inform his employees in writing, explaining the different categories of beneficiary and the advantages to them of the contract. Once informed, the employee must write a letter accepting or refusing the workplace supplementary health insurance. Some companies send out prepared forms to assist their employees in notifying their decision to accept or refuse with a simple signature.

Double cover for your collective health insurance

If signing up for the workplace supplementary health insurance is obligatory for the parents, and each contract offers cover for their children, we say there is “double cover”. In this case, you need to work out which workplace supplementary health insurance offers the higher repayment. First, you should send the bills to the organization offering the best coverage. If there are still costs to cover after this, send the bills to the second company: the health expenses will be covered within the limits stated in the workplace supplementary health insurance contract. To work out the probable premium for healthcare insurance, you will need to know the determining factors taken into account by the insurers when they set the premium.

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