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  • Pension scheme: Contract to terminate additional annuity coverage for death and insure incapacity or disability
  • Benefits of Collective Welfare: Contributions are deductible by the company within certain limits of taxable income
  • Foresight is often coupled with complementary health in order to share the risk, your insurance broker near you will advise you. Compare!
The guarantee of choice to be included in the pension scheme contract

The company pension scheme must further be adjusted: it must close escape routes under the requisite pension scheme targeting employees. Granting that this formula is slightly expensive when the participant has increased risks which may hasten disability or death. If the pension scheme company must cover employees' relatives, the manager must also learn about the needs of the beneficiaries (the optical expenses, dental care ...).
It must be known that if the chosen pension scheme company is safe for employees, they will be faithful to the company and feel more involved in the smooth running of activities. It is highly recommended to compare the offers of pension scheme companies before signing off . We put you in touch with dealers closest to your organisation in order to facilitate the next steps. These professionals will assist you and advise you throughout your journey.

Well managed pension schemes: implementation of the contract

The employer must inform employees sharing a record indicating that the guarantees provided by the contract and the terms and conditions are inline with the pension scheme institution. If a change or cancellation guarantee is made ​​during the term of the contract, the managers are also required to inform their employees. If these steps are not respected, the financial liability of the employer may be held accountable.

Pension scheme Management : the relationship between the insurance company and the employer

Each year, the insurance company must send a report on the accounting of the pension scheme company to the employer/manager. It should be noted that the Company's Committee may also make a request to the employer if they wish to receive this report. The employer must pay contributions or premiums to guarantees that are pertinent in case of disaster. The insurance company must be informed of recruitment, resignation or dismissal. The Manager must also notify them of any changes that affect the guarantees on the pension scheme contract subscribed to.

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