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  • Sports accidents, household accidents and accidents that occur during leisure activities: 1 in 10 people are victims of such accidents every year! Personal Accident Insurance protects all your family against injury suffered following such accidents.
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  • Personal accident insurance (PAI) provides protection against household accidents. See if taking out this insurance policy would be good for you and your family.
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides cover designed to provide protection against household accidents, attack, burglary and theft

12,000 household accidents are recorded every year and the majority of children requiring hospital treatment are victims of this kind of accident. PAI : Household accidents and physical injury

Although householders take every precaution necessary to secure their homes, the number of household accidents has not decreased

Despite the availabilty of advice, practical solutions designed to reduce accident and injury in the home and helpful leaflets and articles in magazines and on the internet, the implementation of such advice is much more complicated. A creased rug, a bare wire or an electric socket that children can access, detergents and other household products that can cause poisoning, a hotplate or a frying pan within reach of children…..There are so many scenarios that can lead to falls, serious burns, suffocation, electrocution or poisoning. In addition to taking precautions, it is very advisable to take out personal accident insurance cover to be sure of getting compensation in the event of household accident or physical injury. PAI : minimum cover available

Personal accident insurance cover may be included in general household insurance or in health insurance.

If householders decide to take out basic personal accident insurance, they will receive compensation in the following circumstances:

  • Partial disability of 30% or permanent disability
  • Physical suffering
  • Esthetic damage
  • Psychological damage
  • Damage to pursuit of a leisure activity (inability to practice sport or hobbies).
As with all insurance policies, it is possible to add supplementary clauses according to the needs of each client. In such circumstance the premium will be higher.

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