How to choose dog or cat health insurance?

The benefits offered and the conditions vary from one insurance provider to another. Learn about the most important points to consider in choosing a pet insurance for you cat or dog.

Dog and cat pet insurance: how to choose?

Today, pets are better protected by applicable law and have the right to special care in case of illness or accident. Be aware that health expenditure in animals can be quite costly, especially in case of hospitalization or surgical operations. Health insurance provides coverage for health costs for your dog or cat.

Compare before making your purchase

Insurers tend to increase their offerings of dog and cat health insurance to better target clients; this plenitude has both advantages and constraints: the special offers help to better cover costs in case of illness, but with the abundance of contracts on the market, the process can be confusing. Today there is an efficient and practical way to help find the most affordable dog and cat health insurance contracts: The online Comparator is an easy-to-use tool to compare the most competitive offers of the moment. This service is absolutely free and requires no commitment on the part of the user.

Pet insurance for dogs and cats: Points to consider

Before purchasing a dog or cat health insurance plan, it is strongly recommended to carefully check each of the following points:
- The range of guarantees proposed, particularly when the coverage rates are expressed in percentages—learn more about base rates and do not hesitate to ask for a concrete example of the amount paid for a consultation, for different treatments, and care and for surgical intervention.
- Be sure to check waiting periods, excesses, and exclusions so that you have all the information before taking out an insurance.
- Some insurers reduce the amount of coverage over time. Choose a health insurance contract that provides a constant guarantee.
- There exist cat and dog health insurance contracts which include free services (free information services to advise and inform the owners).
The Comparator helps you find health insurance offers for your cats and dogs that are best suited to your needs and that offer the most competitive prices on the market.

Audrey Benzaquen

Par , le Tuesday 5 February 2013

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